About JSPS Strasbourg Office

About JSPS Strasbourg Office

JSPS Strasbourg Office was founded in 2001 in the Maison Univerisitaire France Japon in Strasbourg to promote international scientific collaboration mainly with France.

Our Mission

  • To promote research exchanges between French* and Japanese Researchers
  • To provide information and assistance for academic exchanges between France* and Japan
  • To be a reliable partner of CNRS, Inserm, IHÉS, MEAE, MESRI, Inria, ANR, other research institutions, French universities, « Grandes Ecoles », as well as « Maison Universitaire France – Japon »
  • To organize scientific symposia such as JSPS Forums, workshops and academic seminars in Francophone countries/regions *1 and in Southern European countries *2

*1 France, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg etc.
*2 Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece, etc.


Greeting from the Director


As of April 2024, I have been appointed as the Director of the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) Strasbourg Office. I am thrilled to undertake this role and embark on new challenges.

Since its establishment within the Maison Universitaire France-Japon at the University of Strasbourg in 2001, our office has contributed to fostering academic exchanges between Japan and European countries. Building on the achievements accumulated over the years, I am committed to fulfilling the Strasbourg Office’s objectives and further enhancing our activities.

Our team of members will strive to further promote academic exchanges. We believe in the power of human connections to generate new ideas and collaborative relationships, and we are determined to deepen our academic collaborations.

Furthermore, our office aims to serve as a bridge between the academic communities of Japan and Europe by leveraging the diverse programs offered by JSPS. We hope that these efforts will encourage active exchanges among researchers and students and foster cooperation in the academic field.

We sincerely ask for your support and cooperation. With anticipation for the encounters and collaborative academic advancements that lie ahead, we embark on this new journey.

Director, JSPS Strasbourg Office
Toshiyuki Takagi







ストラスブール研究連絡センター センター長


Toshiyuki TAKAGI, Director (Center)
Tomoko YAMAGUCHI, Deputy Director (Left)
Kota SAKURAI, International Program Associate (Right)

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