Invitational Fellowships

For Mid-career and professor level researchers

Program overview

  Long-term Short-term
Duration of Program 12 to 24 months 14 to 60 days
Candidate Eligibility (1)       Nationality

Be a citizen of a country that has diplomatic relations with Japan (JSPS treats Taiwanese and Palestinian researchers in this manner).

Note:  Foreign researchers who have/will acquire a doctoral degree in France are also eligible to apply for this program through CNRS by fulfilling CNRS’s requirements.

(2)       Employment Status

Be a full-time researchers or person with full-time researcher status at a university or research institution in a foreign country and have a position equivalent to a professor, associate professor or assistant professor in Japan (including positions such as professor emeritus).


  • ž Candidates (invited overseas researchers) selected under the first recruitment for either Long or Short-term invitational fellowships may not apply for an invitational fellowship Shot-term under the second recruitment of the same fiscal year.
  • Researchers who do not belong to CNRS can also apply. All the candidates from universities, grandes ecoles, CNRS, Inserm, INRA, Inria, CEA, etc. are evaluated under the same criteria.
Terms of Award (1)       Airfare: A round-trip air ticket (economy- class, based on JSPS’s regulations)
(2)       Maintenance Allowance :

¥387,600 per month


¥18,000 per day

(3)       Miscellaneous: A settling-in allowance of ¥200,000, overseas travel insurance, etc.
(4)       Research support allowance: Up to ¥150,000 (Application is made by the host researcher through his/her institution.)


  • The amounts of the Award indicated above are subject to change for budgetary reasons.
  • If the candidate resides in Japan before the fellowship starting date, the “airfare” for the flight to Japan and the “settling-in allowance” will not be paid.

Application Procedures

The application should be submitted to JSPS Tokyo by your host researcher in Japan.

Note: Each Japanese institution has a different deadline (usually about one month prior to the one set by JSPS). Please make sure to confirm with your host researcher.


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